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John McKenzie comes from a long family line who believes that those are the two most important words to live by. His grandfather delivered heating oil in Springfield, Mass. for F.L. Roberts, a family owned company that's still thriving today. His father, John Sr. (Steve) took the family interest even further, building a successful retail gasoline business for 10 years (1988 – 1998) and delivering gasoline for more than 27 years with Shell Oil Company (1969 – 1988), Exxon-Mobil (1998 – 1999), and finally Motiva Enterprises (1999 – 2007) (Motiva is a joint venture of Shell Oil and Saudi Aramco) before retiring to Florida 2007.

WORK ETHIC is inherited--but it can be taught:

At the maturing age of 13, John Jr began working with his father at his retail gasoline endeavor (Silver Dolphin Shell – a concept derived from John Sr. who was a US Navy submariner veteran on the Sablefish SS303), learning the aspects of running a business, customer service, attention to detail, and most importantly developing a strong work ethic. John has been working ever since; throughout his teenage years and into his college years, John multi-managed his studies with work. Whether he was working for the Branford Post Office, a once in a lifetime internship with ESPN, or waiting tables part time in college, just to name a few; John was constantly learning and crafting his work ethic. Like his father, John eventually took a position in terminal operations with Motiva Enterprises @ their Bridgeport Distribution Terminal. John was an important fixture, elected by local management to be the new employee training representative. In 2011, senior management announced that the Bridgeport terminal would be sold. After two years of potential suitors, negotiations and delays, the sale would finally take place in July 2013. John spent those two years debating the pros and cons of staying on with the new company or coming up with a plan to venture out on his own. The stress and emptiness that this left could have begun a downward spiral for some people, but those two important words-work ethic- wouldn't let John quit. He took the job separation not as something that could destroy the life he built with his family, but as an opportunity to pursue a new chapter in his life. This new chapter while daunting, would be something that can only work if you have the planning, heart, dedication, and lastly the proverbial “work ethic” to ensure that it would be successful; something John has in spades. John spent those last two years focused solely on this new endeavor, planning, studying, researching, attending school, attaining licensing and most importantly, learning every aspect and refining the art of home inspection.


WORK ETHIC is a Discipline:

HomeRun Homes Inspection, LLC is the result. He has taken the risk of leaving a highly successful career to make a new mark for his family and start a completely new business. HomeRun takes its name from baseball, a sport that requires focus, determination, practice and a unique mental discipline to excel at. Growing up in the shoreline town of Guilford, John excelled as a player through the years competing at all levels; Notre Dame High School – West Haven, at Division II level for the University of Bridgeport, the Greater Hartford Twilight League and finally in the CT. National MSBL of Fairfield County. It's no coincidence that a “home run” is highest offensive achievement you can obtain in the game, because John will swing for the fences in every aspect of his life, and his customers will always benefit.

The basic concept started with a simple idea and an interesting correlation. There are ten major systems/components to a home & with performing a home inspection, just as there are ten positions in the game of baseball (every level now employs the designated hitter). John knows that each one is equally important to a thorough inspection, just as each defensive position on the field is equally important for a team's success. All the systems/components have a major impact on how a home performs and equally the outcome of an inspection; as the deficiency of one system/component could potentially impact another.

The McKenzie family, along with the DiMauro family (John's mother’s side) has had a long line "do-it-yourselfers" and professionally licensed tradesmen. Caring about how their homes not only looked to the naked eye, but how their homes performed up to the highest standards was extremely important and was another trait passed down to John. As your home inspector, John treats every client’s home buying or selling like it’s his own, period.

John resides in Seymour with his wife Heidi, daughter Charlotte, son James and their two dogs Monty & Penny. He is an accomplished guitar player, an avid sports fan, target shooter, and a muscle car enthusiast. He has a belief in his company and the life experiences to ensure its success now and in the future. He knows for a company to thrive, the needs are built on business savvy, knowledge of the product/services, and building superior quality client relationships. But most importantly, he knows that success is built on the foundation those two words the McKenzie/DiMauro family has lived by for generations:


Written by,


Jerry Giammattei