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Statement of Inspection Service in CT

The beginning always starts with an open house or a private showing… As your home inspector this process offers you our clients some insight on what we see; also the perfect opportunity for you to learn some valuable information of how the major systems operate in a house. By hiring us in the beginning it's the key opportunity to teach you WHY we look for certain things. The WHY'S are the bread and butter to discovering potential deficiencies? We firmly believe taking this process at a slow pace is pivotal because we treat every home like it's a blank canvas.

Let's start by answering this question...

How many clients maintain a professional working relationship with their inspector after the home inspection is complete?
A: In most cases probably never.

What if as your inspector we offered our services to you after you've purchased the home? What if your inspection agreement offered our services for one year after, or two years after? Do you really get a feel of living in their new home during an initial walk-through or at an open house? Quite honestly, a firm NO… Do you really get a feel of living in that home during the home inspection? Again probably not… It's not until those keys are in your hands and are living there day in and day out that you really feel how that home operates. An example of this is quite simply comparing it to buying a new car. A short 20 minute test drive really isn't going to give you the buyer a real feel of what and or how that car will perform and provide for your needs. We live day in and day out driven on convenience, fast paced surroundings, and impulsive/emotional/feel good decisions. It's sometimes difficult to stop for a moment and think before we make big decisions. We definitely don't like to hear bad news, or sometimes the realities of things not being what we hoped them to be. As your inspector we need to be objective, report our professional opinions, suggest recommendations, but unfortunately it is our job in the end to find what could be a potential problem and/or existing problems. Our findings cannot (State of CT. code of ethics - No Inspector shall express, within the context of an inspection, an appraisal or opinion of the market value of the inspected property) directly influence the decision you may or may not take when purchasing/selling a home. An extensive inspection can be stressful for you the buyer/seller (and yes your agents too).

This is "WHY" offering you our client, our services before and after the purchase is a critical component of our business. It is important to us that your decision in making that house of your dreams your home is the right one.