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We know that our inspection directly impacts your decision to purchase a new home, or when potentially making renovations to your current home. Our professionalism and reliability makes it easy for us to relay the knowledgeable information you need in ways you can easily understand. Our detailed field inspection and thorough reporting process will provide you with the findings you need in making that informed decision the right one. Even if you are purchasing a home that was recently built, it is still important to have it inspected. New construction doesn't always guarantee high quality construction practices.


At Homerun Homes Inspection we take pride in ensuring your home’s integrity is in your best interest. We care about the little details because a couple of little things can amass to a lot of little things. Our client’s receive a comprehensive report that is thorough and easy to read. We follow up with all of our clients to ensure they have received their report in a timely manner and to answer any questions they may have. For more information about the services with Homerun Homes Inspection, contact us today. We can answer the questions you may have about the importance of a professional inspection.


Second only to your foundation (important to note: one cannot exist without the other), the interior & exterior structural components lay...

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The true definition of your home. It supports everything from the ground up (including underground). Similar to the structure of your home, the...

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The exterior of your home encompasses many components. Some may be part of the main structure, or quite simply broad categorized sub components...

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The umbrella protection of your home. Its #1 function is to keep out the elements. Exposure to the elements and the property surroundings...

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Insulation & Ventilation

While the goal for most homeowners is reduced heating and cooling costs (especially here in the Northeast), our job as your home...

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Your home’s plumbing system has two primary roles, supplying clean water and removing dirty/waste water. We will talk about the many variables that...

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We inspect the interior of a home for a number of reasons. It provides clues to structural problems and is often the area where water leakage may...

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Our goal is to ensure that you have an understanding of the basics. We identify and describe the common electrical components, their function...

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We can categorize a heating system by either their fuel source (common fuels are natural gas, heating oil, propane or electricity)...

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Chimney & Fireplaces

These two components go hand in hand with each other. They also play a significant role (and as a catalyst) within other major systems...

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